Philleigh Flicks will be showing “Dersu Uzala”. This is an award
winning Russian film by the Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. Thursday 27th February at 7:30pm.

Against a background of the treacherous mountains, rivers and icy plains of the Siberian wilderness,
acclaimed Japanese director Akira Kurosawa (The Seven Samurai, Rashomon) stages an
extraordinary adventure of comradeship and Survival.

For decades, Kurosawa had longed to film Vladimir Arsenyev’s novel and was only able to do so at
the invitation of Mosfilm Studios in Russia who financed an arduous, two year filmmaking expeditio
into the far reaches of Siberia.
Dersu Uzala, an eccentric Mongolian frontiersman, is taken on as a guide by a Russian surveying
crew. Whilst the soldiers first perceive Dersu as a naïve and comical relic of an uncivilised age, he
quickly proves himself otherwise with displays of ingenuity and bravery unmatched by any member
of the inexperienced mapping team. On more than one occasion he becomes their unlikely saviour.